Take control of the future written on your DNA

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Take control of the future written on your DNA

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Take control of the future written on your DNA

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Join the epigenetic revolution

We are the first company in the world that tracks your changing health and wellbeing by harnessing the epigenetic information found on your DNA.

What we analyse

While your genetics are fixed since birth, your epigenetics change dynamically depending on the environment and the lifestyle that you lead. We measure these epigenetic marks so you are able to better understand your biology, monitor it and improve it to reach your maximum potential.


1. Take sample

We send an easy-to-use test kit to your home so that we can collect your saliva sample.

2. Send sample to us

We extract your DNA and analyse your epigenetic information with our world-class team of scientists.

3. Log on

Using our interactive platform, we empower you to assess, compare and improve your results for the coming year.


Chronomics Epigenetic Test
  • Early-adopter

    Be among the first people to join the epigenetic revolution.

  • Comprehensive

    Personalised apps to monitor and improve your lifestyle, mental wellbeing, immune system, metabolism and toxin exposure.

  • Easy and Secure

    Easy-to-use saliva test kit and secure data storage.

  • Dynamic

    Start to track the evolution of your biological self over time.


I cannot wait to understand how I can enact positive change in my life

Chronomics provides an excellent service. I would recommend it to anyone

Understanding how my body changes is really important to me and Chronomics helps me to do this. Great team and service.